• Image of Scrying Ink Note Book Set

Included is a custom Scrying Ink journal along with the deck and guidebook.

The Lenormand Tarot is a deck of 36 cards with simple images such as House, Dog, Ship, and Letter. These cards are fairly concrete and sometimes eerily accurate. They have less nuanced meanings than traditional tarot cards, which can be subtle and layered. People who use this system favor it when they are looking for very clear readings and straightforward answers.

The deck I have created is called Scrying Ink. These cards endeavor to present this time honored system with a contemporary and artistic edge. Lenormand is most frequently read using simple playing cards, the guide book that accompanies the Scrying Ink, will explain the playing card correspondences as well as show beginners how to get started in this system. My hope is that seasoned practitioners and those new to Lenormand will both enjoy this deck and find it easy to access.

Included in this package:
40 card Scrying Ink Tarot Deck (high quality card stock, large size 5.75 x 3.5 inches)
Guide book with deck information
Custom gift wrap and card

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